Course Dates


2015.04.27 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


2015.04.28 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


2015.04.29 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


2015.04.30 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


2015.05.04 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


I would like to firstly commend the GAS team for a first class professional flight center. The training I received was comprehensive and thorough. There were no corners cut and I believe that it will make me a better and safer pilot as a result. The staff are excellent, polite and professional and it was a pleasure to deal with the whole GAS team. Should anyone be wanting to train or charter I ...
Serge Levy
I have had flight instruction and testing through FTOs in USA, UK and most recently in my native Zimbabwe. Your professionalism, standards and dedication to developing safe and competent pilots is second to none. I was surprised but very grateful to have plugged fundamental gaps in the knowledgeable and safe operation of 'complex' aircraft; my profound gratitude to you guys, thank you!!
Thanks very much to the Guthrie Aviation team for the professional PPL training received.  Having such passionate and knowledgeable lecturers/instructors who scheduled me in whenever I needed was brilliant and much appreciated.  Keep up the good work!
Andrew Hill
Special thanks to the Guthrie Aviation team for helping me through the start of my aviation career. My courses have been well organised and easy to understand. The welcoming but very professional feel at the school makes learning a pleasure and instills good disciple right from the start. I have enjoyed my time studying
Daniel Wijers
I would love to thank Guthrie Aviation as a whole for the quality of training i received during the conversion of my S.A Cpl to Zim CPL.May you guys continue maintaining your high standards which i really appreciate and us as pilots the margin of safety will be well improved.
Natsai Chiremba
I recently got my PPL after thanks to my training at Guthrie Aviation. Due to financial issues it had taken 5 years, punctuated by frequent and often long breaks in between, which was less than ideal. My instructors were fantastic managed my slow progress as best as they could. I was pushed really hard with a mix of both encouragement and harsh admonition which I believe has made me a better ...
Kelvin Kutoka
Having enrolled at Guthrie aviation  in 2007 I can proudly look back at the hard work and hours all the instructors dedicated to what has become a great career for me. I stand proud being associated with the school which always will be a home for me. Thank you very much and see you soon for another turning point in my career.
Donald Kawara
I would like to thank Guthrie Aviation as a whole for the training and assistance i received whilst i was converting my South African CPL to the Zimbabwean CPL. Your assistance and profesional atmosphere is highly appreciated and please keep the standards high. I am looking forward to carry further training with you guys and better myself as a pilot and contribute to the Aviation industry.
Tinotenda Wagoneka
Just a small comment on yesterday, how great it is to see the incredible metamorphosis that is taking place at GAS! I recall doing my I.R. with you in 1994 in those same rooms and how different ( and much busier) things are today! I do miss the piece of arbitrary bent coat hangar wire holding up the toilet seat though! Thanks for the very long hours put in with me yesterday trying to teach an ...
Peter Wienand
Thanks so much for all the training and wisdom over the past 7 years. I was thinking the other day about our first flight together in June 2005! Catch u soon!
Simon Wild

Latest News

Courses Running in May

We will be running a series of courses in the month of May. Some of these courses are required in terms of the ANRs (Air Law) for CPL Licence holders. Be pro-active, get them done, you are likely to save yourself a lot of hassle in the future.
With an impending ICAO audit we are likely to see the Authority start enforcing these requirements, (especially since they have been a requirement for over four years).

Remember that if something should happen and you end up in court you are unlikely to get away with "but they weren't being enforced".

  1. Dangerous Goods course: 8 May, the course cost is $100-00
  2. Crew Resource Managment course (Initial course): 11-14 May, the course cost is $275-00
  3. Crew Resource Managment course (Refresher course) : 22 May, the course cost is $100-00
  4. First Aid Course: 29 May, cost of the course is $100-00

Course prices are based on minimum numbers of attendees. Thus it is not possible for us to run a whole course for an individual, because the Authority will not renew their licence with out it, for the same price. Don't miss this opportunity.

Low Fuel Prices!

Puma Fuel is now based at Charles Prince Airport and is selling Avgas at $1.80 per liter to customers, as a result Zuva has also lowered their price!

As we think this saving should be passed on to our students we have lowered our hourly rate to $265/hour on the C172 aircraft.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Puma to the field and wish them all the best in their endevour.

2015 - PPL Classes

In response to student feed back and requests Guthrie Aviation will, in 2015, offer PPL Ground School in a class format, in addition to one on one training currently provided. This will be at a reduced rate and will be held at the dates and times published on the website.

Please contact the office for more details or send and Enquiry off our website.



New Contact Number

You can now get us on +263-(0)8677000627

IT Infrastructure Upgrade

We are currently upgrading our IT and Telecoms systems.

During the process there may be disruption to service and functionality, on the following systems

- Telephones 

- Email

- Website

We opologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Please use our emergency contact number +263772145159 or +26342926834 should you fail to reach us on the normal numbers.

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