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New Staff Member

We would like to welcome Roxanne Ribeiro to our Guthrie Aviation Team.


She has joined us to man the front desk and assist you with your charter or training bookings and queries.


Munya Mtetwa

We are proud to welcome Munya to our team of instructors and take this opportunity to congratulate him on getting his instructors rating. 

Benji Rowland

We are proud to welcome Benji Rowland as a new instructor to Guthrie Aviation.


Having recently completed his instructor training program, Benji will be online shortly, and ready to assit new students in building a solid foundation for their futures as pilots.


His experiance as a charter pilot, dedication to the task at hand and attention to detail, make him a valuable addition to the Guthrie Training Team. 


Satellite Tracking

As part of our ongoing safety managment and quality assurance program we have implemented satellight tracking on our aircraft. While enabling us to ensure that our aircraft are operated in accordance with our standard operating procedures it has also given us the ability to rapidly locate our aircraft in the event of an emergency. Pilots are also able to raise attention and communicate with the flight operations department through the use of standard "Mark" messages ensuring that you are never alone even if there is no radio or cell phone signal.

Our students are only a press of a button away from getting assistance should the need arise, and instructors are able to follow their students flights in real time ensuring that all the flight objectives were accomplished. 

As clients with passengers on our flights you have access to live tracking, although with less detail, you will be able to see where your flight is and when your guests may be expected to arrive.

----- SAFETY FIRST -----

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Licence Renewal Period

More and more pilots are leaving their licence renewal process untill the last few days in the month that it expires.  It would appear that they are worried about the validity dates of their licence changing. 

Read more by clicking here.

South African Medicals

South African Pilot Medicals can now be renewed in Zimbabwe.

DR B Masimbe, 99 Central Avenue, is now an approved South African AME this means that South African Pilots living in Zimbabwe can renew their medicals and the same time they do their Zimbabwean Medicals.

Congratulations and a big thanks to him for getting the approval.


Debit Cards Accepted

We can now accept payment using local bank debit cards. 


Adrian Mundangepfupfu
2013-03-10, 11:02
Big thanks to the GAS team for providing an excellent,well structured Caravan course.Look forward to more training with you in the future.
Peter Wienand
2012-04-26, 12:30
Just a small comment on yesterday, how great it is to see the incredible metamorphosis that is taking place at GAS! I recall doing my I.R. with you in 1994 in those same rooms and how different ( and much busier) things are today! I do miss the piece of arbitrary bent coat hangar wire holding up the toilet seat though!

Thanks for the very long hours put in with me yesterday trying to teach an old dog how to fly a new plane!

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