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I would like to firstly commend the GAS team for a first class professional flight center. The training I received was comprehensive and thorough. There were no corners cut and I believe that it will make me a better and safer pilot as a result. The staff are excellent, polite and professional and it was a pleasure to deal with the whole GAS team. Should anyone be wanting to train or charter I ...

Serge Levy

Big thanks to the GAS team for providing an excellent,well structured Caravan course.Look forward to more training with you in the future.

Adrian Mundangepfupfu

Thank you so much Guthrie Aviation for training me so well in getting my ppl. You are the  best! If you want to get the best training and be a good, safe pilot. GUTHRIE AVIATION IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prudence Chinyemba

I did it, got my PPL with lots of help and guidance from a truly professional team.Thank you all at Guthrie.

Miena Ferreira

After completing my CPL training in 2011, I joined Guthrie Aviation to do my CPL conversion. I received a warm reception from the team at Guthrie team as well as a fantastic service and insight into the flying in Zimbabwe at the time.   During the training process i did not have the slightest clue that I would later be offered to join this great establishment and be able to part take and ...

Munya Mtetwa

Student / Past Employee

Special thanks to the Guthrie Aviation team for helping me through the start of my aviation career. My courses have been well organised and easy to understand. The welcoming but very professional feel at the school makes learning a pleasure and instills good disciple right from the start. I have enjoyed my time studying

Daniel Wijers

After starting my training in SA, coming to Guthrie was a breath of fresh air.  The teaching was far superior in the classroom and in the air.  Thanks to Guthrie for making me a more knowledgeable and safer pilot.  A great atmosphere and very approachable staff.  

Gerald Jansen Van Rensburg

I have had flight instruction and testing through FTOs in USA, UK and most recently in my native Zimbabwe. Your professionalism, standards and dedication to developing safe and competent pilots is second to none. I was surprised but very grateful to have plugged fundamental gaps in the knowledgeable and safe operation of 'complex' aircraft; my profound gratitude to you guys, thank you!!


Just a small comment on yesterday, how great it is to see the incredible metamorphosis that is taking place at GAS! I recall doing my I.R. with you in 1994 in those same rooms and how different ( and much busier) things are today! I do miss the piece of arbitrary bent coat hangar wire holding up the toilet seat though! Thanks for the very long hours put in with me yesterday trying to teach an ...

Peter Wienand

Thanks so much for all the training and wisdom over the past 7 years. I was thinking the other day about our first flight together in June 2005! Catch u soon!

Simon Wild

Latest News

Airport Security Passes

Coming to Charles Prince?
Please remember to bring your ID and cash, or a valid Security Pass when you come to the airport.
I doesn't matter that you were here yesterday or that your pass has just expired, either way, you are not going to have a pleasant experience.
Guthrie Aviation has appealed to the Airport Management for an understanding and customer oriented approach to security. The fact is that we do not have any control over Security at the Airport and there is nothing we can do to assist other than to provide you with good warning.


Flying Glass

Increasingly applicants for airline jobs are being asked if they have glass time. The use of GPS and "TV screen" instruments, electronic flight bags are more an more common in all aspects of aviation. To ensure that Guthrie Aviation students are able to operate in this enviroment effortlessly and that they have the skills and experiance to suceed, Guthrie Aviation has invested in Zimbabwes first all glass trainer. Fitted with the latest Garmin 500 PFD and 650 gps students will be exposed to the modern avionics world from the beginning, ensuring they have no difficulties in the future and are not looked over in interviews .


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Login to this website using your School Username (Name not the Number) and Password to access more online resources and your inhouse exam results.

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Flight Plan Form

We have added a new flight plan form for users to use it can be downloaded here  Flight Plan Form or accessed from the our website.

Satellite Tracking

As part of our ongoing safety managment and quality assurance program we have implemented satellight tracking on our aircraft. While enabling us to ensure that our aircraft are operated in accordance with our standard operating procedures it has also given us the ability to rapidly locate our aircraft in the event of an emergency. Pilots are also able to raise attention and communicate with the flight operations department through the use of standard "Mark" messages ensuring that you are never alone even if there is no radio or cell phone signal.

Our students are only a press of a button away from getting assistance should the need arise, and instructors are able to follow their students flights in real time ensuring that all the flight objectives were accomplished. 

As clients with passengers on our flights you have access to live tracking, although with less detail, you will be able to see where your flight is and when your guests may be expected to arrive.

----- SAFETY FIRST -----

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Welcome to the Guthrie Aviation online pratice exam system. 

Here you have free access to sample question papers made up of randomly selected questions from the entire subject question database. The format is intended to represent the time and format of the final exam you are likley to sit at the Civil Aviation Authority. 


If you need more functionality you are able to subscribe and get full access to the following benefits:

1. The option to take the entire subject database in learning mode where you will recieve feedback straight after answering the question.

2. Access to the certification exams that will allow you to print out a certificate that you can use to book your examination at the Civil Aviation Authority.

3. Access to Learning paths that will guide you through the subject material to aid you in learning.

4. Access to select Guthrie Aviation onlone courses.

5. 5 Support tickets which you may use, to get and instructor assist you with a question relating to the subject material.





The following training is offered by Guthrie Aviation, either on a full-time or part-time basis:-  

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Approved Training Organization

Ministry of Higher Education


Civil Aviation Authority
ATO 0006

 Note: Not all courses are approved or require approval from CAAZ


When it comes to learning it often pays to learn from someone who has both a good understanding of the theoretical knowledge and practicle experiance in the field being taught. This way you are able to use the knowledge you gain to the best possible advantage, ensure you fully understand why something is done and don't just end up doing something for the sake of it, while neglecting more important things.  The trend in alot of aviation schools is to use recently qualified pilots, who are trying to build hours and gain experiance before moving on to "better things".  These instructors of there because they have to be not because they want to be. 

At Guthrie Aviation, this is not the case! All our flight instructors have thousands of flight hours, or have devoted years to instructing before they get to sit with you in the aircraft. They are there because they have a genuine desire to see you succeed. The result is a higher standard, and more practicle level of instruction. The attention to detail and safty orientated approach ensures a high level of aviation discipline in our students, that sees them going on to get good jobs and having successfull careers.








Guthrie Aviation is a CAAZ approved Authorised Training Organization (ATO).
We offer the following courses but are in a position to provide custom training should the need arise.


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