Your aviation asset, Our expertise.  A powerful partnership designed to save you time and money. Our Aircraft Asset Management Solutions are customised to meet your needs and objectives.

  • Structured to protect you and your aviation asset
  • Designed to enhance the benefits and enjoyment of aircraft ownership
  • Supported by our experience proven, robust infrastructure

We provide a complete menu of aircraft management services attractive to corporations and individuals interested in freedom from day-to-day administrative, regulatory and operational complexities of owning an aircraft.  Enjoy the privileges of aircraft ownership without the time-consuming responsibilities.  You maintain use of the aircraft with complete confidence that you have entrusted your aviation asset to the right company.

When you choose Guthrie Aviation, you are assured of:

Security - We maintain an impeccable safety and security record.

Service - We focus on you and work in partnership with you, to fulfill your aircraft management needs by understanding

Resource management.  You will realise operational savings and support, and we provide significant revenue streams through our charter services.

Experience - As one of the nations leading charter providers, we have an established and impressive list of charter clientele and partnerships that will provide the level of charter revenue that best meets your needs.

Management - A complete aircraft management program including technical/maintenance services, crew management, training, security, CAAZ compliance and cost efficiencies, plus the opportunity to offset your ownership costs through charter revenue.