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I would like to applaud and recommend Guthrie Aviation on a well structured, comprehensive and explicitly informative DG course presentation. It was highly beneficial, well planned and executed even better. Thank you for the knowledge imparted and keep up the good work!

Hilary Changwesha

I would love to thank Guthrie Aviation as a whole for the quality of training i received during the conversion of my S.A Cpl to Zim CPL.May you guys continue maintaining your high standards which i really appreciate and us as pilots the margin of safety will be well improved.

Natsai Chiremba

Thank you for all the hard work and extra effort put into my Caravan course. I found it to be professional and of a very high standard. Good quality training.

Janade Karim

Thanks very much for doing the DG with our Zim and Zambian crew. Its great to see that Zimbabwe has now got these kind of cources on offer. I really hope that you get the support from the rest of the Zim operators as i can rate it better than any of the South African cources. Our next plan is to get you into our other operations in both Botswana and Namibia. Please let us know once you have ...

Alex Henderson

A great & heartfelt thank you to the team at Guthrie Aviation for all the help in converting SA to ZW licence. Facilities, training & professionalism was beyond expectation especially in going out of their way to get things done. Thank you!

Mutsawashe Mukono

After completing my CPL training in 2011, I joined Guthrie Aviation to do my CPL conversion. I received a warm reception from the team at Guthrie team as well as a fantastic service and insight into the flying in Zimbabwe at the time.   During the training process i did not have the slightest clue that I would later be offered to join this great establishment and be able to part take and ...

Munya Mtetwa

Student / Past Employee

Thanks very much to the Guthrie Aviation team for the professional PPL training received.  Having such passionate and knowledgeable lecturers/instructors who scheduled me in whenever I needed was brilliant and much appreciated.  Keep up the good work!

Andrew Hill

Big thanks to the GAS team for providing an excellent,well structured Caravan course.Look forward to more training with you in the future.

Adrian Mundangepfupfu

Thanks so much for all the training and wisdom over the past 7 years. I was thinking the other day about our first flight together in June 2005! Catch u soon!

Simon Wild

To the GAS team! Congratulations on creating a "world class" flight training school....It has been inspirational to see the transformation over the years. I was fortunate enough to do my multi-engine IR last year through the school based on their newly approved IR training course. This new approach made it an absolute pleasure, with ground school and exams being written at the school rather than ...

Craig Davenport

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Airport Security Passes

Coming to Charles Prince?
Please remember to bring your ID and cash, or a valid Security Pass when you come to the airport.
I doesn't matter that you were here yesterday or that your pass has just expired, either way, you are not going to have a pleasant experience.
Guthrie Aviation has appealed to the Airport Management for an understanding and customer oriented approach to security. The fact is that we do not have any control over Security at the Airport and there is nothing we can do to assist other than to provide you with good warning.


Flying Glass

Increasingly applicants for airline jobs are being asked if they have glass time. The use of GPS and "TV screen" instruments, electronic flight bags are more an more common in all aspects of aviation. To ensure that Guthrie Aviation students are able to operate in this enviroment effortlessly and that they have the skills and experiance to suceed, Guthrie Aviation has invested in Zimbabwes first all glass trainer. Fitted with the latest Garmin 500 PFD and 650 gps students will be exposed to the modern avionics world from the beginning, ensuring they have no difficulties in the future and are not looked over in interviews .


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Flight Plan Form

We have added a new flight plan form for users to use it can be downloaded here  Flight Plan Form or accessed from the our website.

Satellite Tracking

As part of our ongoing safety managment and quality assurance program we have implemented satellight tracking on our aircraft. While enabling us to ensure that our aircraft are operated in accordance with our standard operating procedures it has also given us the ability to rapidly locate our aircraft in the event of an emergency. Pilots are also able to raise attention and communicate with the flight operations department through the use of standard "Mark" messages ensuring that you are never alone even if there is no radio or cell phone signal.

Our students are only a press of a button away from getting assistance should the need arise, and instructors are able to follow their students flights in real time ensuring that all the flight objectives were accomplished. 

As clients with passengers on our flights you have access to live tracking, although with less detail, you will be able to see where your flight is and when your guests may be expected to arrive.

----- SAFETY FIRST -----

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Types of Audits


  • 3rd Party Audits
  • 2nd Party Audits
  • 1st Party Audits


3rd Party Audit are done by an outside independent audit organization. In case of an ISO 9001 audit the independent organization is the registrar. They normally do not have an interest in the final outcome. The 3rd party could be a registrar, government employee, or a firm hired by the company. The result of the audit could be a certification, license, acceptance, or an award.

2nd Party Audit are Audits from those who have a deep interest in the final outcome. This could be you auditing your suppliers, or your customers auditing you. The audit could be called a survey or an assessment.

1st Party Audits are audits done internally. They are a management tool with the emphasis on continuous improvement. The auditor(s) must be independent of the audit area. The audit should be aligned with the company goals and metrics.


Audit Categories


  • System Audit
  • Conformance Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Process Audit
  • Product Audit
  • Department Audit


System Audits are looking at a particular system which includes multiple processes and can spread across several employees and departments. The audit of your calibration system can be consider a system audit. Your interaction chart lists your systems.

Conformance Audits are audits to define system requirements. These are global in nature. For example a 3rd party audit of your ISO 9001 system is a conformance audit.

Compliance Audit is an audit to regulatory requirements. This includes government agency audits.

Process Audit is a focused audit on a set of processes within your organization. It examines adherence to procedures and specifications during production or service activities.

Product Audit is a focus audit on the product itself. This may be an inspection activity or an out of the box audit.

Department Audit is a focus audit on one department that looks at the processes, specifications, and systems in one department only. It will look at the different operations with in that department. It will also examine department organization and training. 


Audit Stages


  • Determine the audit focus
  • Prepare for the audit
  • Perform the audit
  • Report the findings in the initial findings report
  • Determine the corrective action
  • Update the findings report with the corrective action
  • Conduct the corrective action
  • Update the findings report when actions are completed
  • Follow Up
  • Closure


The audit focus is dependent on the organization needs. If it is a system audit, use your interaction chart to determine the system focus. If there are many problems with a particular process then conduct a process audit on that process. If there is a department with many issues then conduct a department audit.

You may want to issue an internal audit engagement letter to the auditee.

During the audit preparation, determine the quality audit checklist. This checklist is the audit plan. During preparation, review the procedures, standards, specifications and / or work instructions. These documents help you determine the quality audit checklist. Record audit questions on the checklist.

During the audit performance follow these guidelines

  • Do not be biased
  • Keep an open mind
  • Do not be argumentive
  • Be patient
  • Remind the participant that the audit is for continuous improvement
  • Always state the facts
  • Do not correct the person on the spot.
  • Report accurately and clearly
  • Be familiar with the procedure


During the initial finding report, document the issues found. State the facts and provide evidence. Use names and demonstrate the findings. Show quality records for evidence. Apply the quality audit checklist as the basis for the findings report.

After the initial findings report, provide a copy to the corrective action team. Have a corrective action team meeting to issue the corrective actions. Document the corrective actions on the findings report. Be sure responsibilities and due dates are assign for the actions.

The team will then complete the corrective actions. Document the completion of the corrective actions on the findings report.

When all actions are completed, close out the report.


Audit Schedule

For ISO 9001 certification, predetermine the management systems audit schedule. Use your interaction chart to establish the necessary systems to schedule. I recommend not scheduling out all of the system audits. Instead keep a 3 to 6 month schedule and update this every month. This will allow you to audit the concerned areas.

I also recommend using a software application to track your audits. The software can track audit questions, schedule, results, and corrective action.


Audit Questions

Here are some common internal audit plan questions that you can use when creating your quality audit checklist. 


Quality Audit Benefits


  • It drives continuous improvement
  • Lets management know problems or potential problems
  • Provides input into management decisions
  • Accesses training and effectiveness
  • Shows management support of the quality program
  • Verifies compliance


Quality Audit Mistakes

These mistakes prevent an effective audit.

  • Auditing with the “gotcha” attitude
  • Finding faults and not facts
  • Not recognizing that the audit is people focused
  • Not properly defining the purpose and scope
  • Not using a quality audit checklist
  • Not issuing corrective action
  • Not conducting follow up on the corrective action
  • Not using a team approach to issuing corrective actions

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