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Articles written in house to emanating from the SMS system to address specific safety concerns

ATC Instructions

ATC Instructions ZSN 2023-04-28 History: This topic is best introduced by the following three examples A CPL pilot conducting an approach to land with an approaching storm front in the vicinity encounters wind-shear and elects to go-around. He requests the into-wind runway and positions for another approach, only to find that the wind has shifted. Once again, he is making an attempt to land in adverse conditions with a estimated crosswind component in excess of both his own and the aircraft limitations.  Electing to conduct another go around he was confronted by ATC who, in the middle of the go-around,...

Check Your Caps

Check Your Caps ZSN 2023-04-28 Fuel and Oil Caps History:A recent safety report regarding fuel and oil caps being left off or loose prior to a flight as brought this issue to light.  On no less than three occasions the oil cap was found to be left off and the student found strapped in and ready to go - instructor intervention has prevented this from becoming an incident / accident. I am sure that there have been other occasions where the dipstick has not been inserted correctly and that mere luck has kept the dip stick from moving out during...

The Maintenance Dirty Dozen