Adrian Mundangepfupfu

Big thanks to the GAS team for providing an excellent,well structured Caravan course.Look forward to more training with you in the future.

adrianmunda [AT] live [DOT] com

Andrew Davias

I would like to thank Guthrie Aviation for my PPL flight training. Throughout it all, I have certainly enjoyed it. The training has been fanatastic and the flight instructors have been brilliant to me.

Wonderful flight training               

Andrew Hill

Thanks very much to the Guthrie Aviation team for the professional PPL training received.  Having such passionate and knowledgeable lecturers/instructors who scheduled me in whenever I needed was brilliant and much appreciated.  Keep up the good work!

Craig Davenport

To the GAS team!
Congratulations on creating a "world class" flight training school....It has been inspirational to see the transformation over the years.
I was fortunate enough to do my multi-engine IR last year through the school based on their newly approved IR training course. This new approach made it an absolute pleasure, with ground school and exams being written at the school rather than at CAAZ made it far more convenient!
Thanks to you all at GAS for providing us Zim pilots with a truly professional facility and service...
All the best

craig [AT] zimsolar [DOT] com

Daniel Wijers

Special thanks to the Guthrie Aviation team for helping me through the start of my aviation career. My courses have been well organised and easy to understand. The welcoming but very professional feel at the school makes learning a pleasure and instills good disciple right from the start. I have enjoyed my time studying

Thanks again               

Donald Kawara

Having enrolled at Guthrie aviation  in 2007 I can proudly look back at the hard work and hours all the instructors dedicated to what has become a great career for me. I stand proud being associated with the school which always will be a home for me. Thank you very much and see you soon for another turning point in my career.

Excellent Service

Today was the last day of my PPL Ground School, instructors were Barry and Clive, both of them were excellent, Zoom calls went very well, training material is comprehensive and most informative.

I have been most impressed with the adoption of tech in the training process. As a person who has spent the last 20+ years in tech, I felt most comfortable, despite having zero flying experience.

Here's looking forward to the my next steps in the aviation sphere and I will not hesitate to sing the praises of the Guthrie experience.

In closing, it is worth mentioning that the personnel at Guthrie have only added to the pleasurable experience, which started with the bubbly, enthusiastic and professional Roxanne and the steady experienced  instructors Barry and Clive.


Excellent Service               

Good Standards

After starting my training in SA, coming to Guthrie was a breath of fresh air.  The teaching was far superior in the classroom and in the air.  Thanks to Guthrie for making me a more knowledgeable and safer pilot.  A great atmosphere and very approachable staff.  

I will be back               

Great training at Guthrie Aviation

Special thanks to Guthrie Aviation, for helping me start off my aviation career. With recently completing some new aircraft ratings and helping me get through my Commercial pilots license exams, The training is thorough and well organized. Look forward to completing the rest of my CPL at Guthrie Aviation 

Great training at Guthrie Aviation               


I have had flight instruction and testing through FTOs in USA, UK and most recently in my native Zimbabwe. Your professionalism, standards and dedication to developing safe and competent pilots is second to none. I was surprised but very grateful to have plugged fundamental gaps in the knowledgeable and safe operation of 'complex' aircraft; my profound gratitude to you guys, thank you!!

melvinj [AT] hotmail [DOT] co [DOT] uk

Hilary Changwesha

I would like to applaud and recommend Guthrie Aviation on a well structured, comprehensive and explicitly informative DG course presentation. It was highly beneficial, well planned and executed even better. Thank you for the knowledge imparted and keep up the good work!

Great setup and presenation!               

Janade Karim

Thank you for all the hard work and extra effort put into my Caravan course. I found it to be professional and of a very high standard. Good quality training.

Kelvin Kutoka

I recently got my PPL after thanks to my training at Guthrie Aviation. Due to financial issues it had taken 5 years, punctuated by frequent and often long breaks in between, which was less than ideal. My instructors were fantastic managed my slow progress as best as they could. I was pushed really hard with a mix of both encouragement and harsh admonition which I believe has made me a better pilot. Much thanks to whole Guthrie team.

ikutoka [AT] yahoo [DOT] com

Martin Henriksen

Thank you to the team for helping me get my type conversion onto the Cessna 180. I really appreciated their enthusiasm and commitment to transfer as much of their considerable knowledge and experience onto me as they could, in order that I could safely and correctly operate this "tricky" aircraft. I would have to go a long way to find this kind of professional instruction.

Thank you to the Team for helping me get my type conversion onto the Cessna 180. I really appreciated their enthusiasm and commitment to transfer as much of their considerable knowledge and experience onto me as they could, in order that I could safely an               

Munya Mtetwa

After completing my CPL training in 2011, I joined Guthrie Aviation to do my CPL conversion. I received a warm reception from the team at Guthrie team as well as a fantastic service and insight into the flying in Zimbabwe at the time.
During the training process i did not have the slightest clue that I would later be offered to join this great establishment and be able to part take and make a difference in Guthrie Aviation.  All I can say is that was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my my career. All the knowledge I learned and skills that i acquired during my tenure at this phenomenal and professional  establishment come second to none as i spread my wings in the African sky. These same skills and experience that I managed to acquire and hone at Guthrie Aviation were very helpful, as I got hired because of them. I would like to express my gratitude to all the Guthrie Aviation family past and present from the time I joined until I left. I have nothing but good things to say about the staff at G.A.
They’ll treat you as part of the family, and from the very first day you feel welcomed into this family. All instructors at G.A are dedicated and professional, no matter when, if you have a question, they’ll answer. To aspiring pilots I would like to say “ When you think Aviation, think Guthrie Aviation, they will surely make that difference.”

'Munyaradzi Mtetwa "

Student / Past Employee

Mutsawashe Mukono

A great & heartfelt thank you to the team at Guthrie Aviation for all the help in converting SA to ZW licence. Facilities, training & professionalism was beyond expectation especially in going out of their way to get things done. Thank you!

Brilliant aviation organisation               

My life and training

Guthrie Aviation will always have a special place in my heart, It was there that I first learned that I could do things I never thought possible: standing in front of students and being a Ground Instructor and being able to fly an aeroplane. Even more importantly, it was the place where I learned to connect with other people on a level deeper than schoolwork or flying. I was a part of something much, much bigger than myself. I was part of the Guthrie Aviation family and discovered that the resulting feeling of responsibility can be not a burden, but a joy.

Important life core values were instilled in me and I rely upon them as a guide everyday.

Guthrie Aviation gave me the chance to find where I wanted my place in the world. It gave me the understanding to be able to see the world in different perspectives. I found the person I wanted to be and took that knowledge to help me throughout the rest of my life. Every day I am thankful for the time I spent there to be able to sour high above the clouds; making a difference.

To Mr Kevin Leliard, Barry Fowlds, Craig Guthrie and the entire Guthrie Aviation team. I thank you.


Natsai Chiremba

I would love to thank Guthrie Aviation as a whole for the quality of training i received during the conversion of my S.A Cpl to Zim CPL.May you guys continue maintaining your high standards which i really appreciate and us as pilots the margin of safety will be well improved.

natsiechiremba [AT] yahoo [DOT] com

Patrick Shadwell

Guthrie Aviation is a great place to learn how to fly! Organised, professional, friendly, experienced, knowledgeable, enthusiastic; it has been an absolute joy for me to have obtained my PPL under their tutelage. I thank them for all their hard work and dedication in sharing the passion for flying!

A fantastic flight school that deserves the praise it gets!               

Peter Knight

I joined Guthrie Aviation School in 2011 to undertake a PPL part-time. 50 hours and two years later I emerged with a Zim PPL. The team at Guthrie's patience, ability and sense of humour were instrumental in preparing me for the final test. In particular my instructors expert tuition, seasoned professional advice and constant encouragement enabled me to make the best of my   practical training. While, the ground school instructors went the extra mile to ensure I passed my ground school exams.  Many thanks for a memorable experience Guthrie and a rewarding introduction to the world of aviation.

pedromcduff [AT] googlemail [DOT] com