The NOTAMs listed here were up to date as of the date listed under each series.

NOTAMs not included have been replaced or cancelled.
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{tab=Series A}

Series A

The following NOTMAs Series Alpha are still in force as at 03 November 2014.  

 A104/14 J.M NKOMO – FVBU

 1410031400 – 1501032359 EST

 NDB SZ frequency 242KHz unserviceable


{tab=Series B}

Series B

The following NOTAMs Series Bravo are still in force as at 03 November 2014. 

 B0075/14 VIC FALLS - FVFA  1410311433 – 1411302359 EST ILS localizer(IFA) frequency 110.7MHz clearance signal intermittent due to current construction works at the airfield. 


{tab=Series C} 

Series C

The following NOTMAs Series Charlie are still in force as at 03 November 2014.



{tab=Latest Publications} 

Series C

AIP AIRAC Amendment 04/14 

AIP AIRAC Supplement S003/13 

AIP Supplement S005/14 

AIC C001/14


{tab=Valid AIP Supplements}

S005/14, S004/14, S003/14, S002/14, S001/14, S009/13,S008/13,S007/13,S005/13, S003/13, S002/13, S001/13, S017/12, S016/12, S015/12, S014/12, S009/12, S006/12, S008/11, S007/11, S004/11, S002/11, S023/10, S022/10, S019/10, S012/10, S010/10, S004/10, S002/10, S014/09, S013/09, S012/09, S009/09, S007/09, S006/09, S005/09. 



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