When it comes to learning it often pays to learn from someone who has both a good understanding of the theoretical knowledge and practicle experiance in the field being taught. This way you are able to use the knowledge you gain to the best possible advantage, ensure you fully understand why something is done and don't just end up doing something for the sake of it, while neglecting more important things.  The trend in a lot of aviation schools is to use recently qualified pilots, who are trying to build hours and gain experiance before moving on to "better things".  These instructors are there because they have to be not because they want to be. 

At Guthrie Aviation, this is not the case. All our flight instructors have thousands of flight hours, or have devoted years to instructing before they get to sit with you in the aircraft. They are there because they have a genuine desire to see you succeed. The result is a higher standard and more practicle level of instruction. The attention to detail, and safety orientated approach ensures a high level of aviation discipline in our students, that sees them going on to get good jobs and have successfull careers.