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Airport Passes

Airport Passes



Coming to Charles Prince?
Please remember to bring your ID and cash, or a valid Security Pass when you come to the airport.
It doesn’t matter that you were here yesterday or that your pass has just expired, either way, you are not going to have a pleasant experience.
Guthrie Aviation has appealed to the Airport Management for an understanding and customer oriented approach to security. The fact is that we do not have any control over Security at the Airport and there is nothing we can do to assist other than to provide you with good warning.

Safety Risk:

You should be aware of the passes used at your airfield and be ready to challenge ANYONE without a pass as security is everyones responsibility. The following passes are used

You are reminded that all airports are controlled area, and as such access to them is restricted.  Your pass only allows you access to the areas deemed necessary for you specific role at the airport and then only while on official duty. Use of your pass at any other time is a violation of the terms of use and may lead to you loosing your privileges.

You are reminded of the following requirments:-

You are also required to have a vehicle pass and a Airside Drivers Permit (ADP) should you wish to drive air side.

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